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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Memories "Kakekrigen" Semifinal - Day Two

We all were sitting in the dressing room, chit chatting about the day’s challenge. We all have gone through the same challenge in our week’s challenge. And were asking each other if we have made macaroons, tarts or choux pastry.  It was as nerve-racking as it was for the first time. We all were anxious and finally, we were asked to gather in the studio. But there was one positive thing that I started to bond with the rest of group.
We all lined up waiting for Fridtjof to begin. Fridtjof looked at us, smiled and broke the news. He said we are going to make ‘’patisserie frangipane’’ (something like this in French). We all looked at each other and none of us have ever heard of it. It was a very anxious moment. But then he translated it and said we are going to make Tart with almond cream. We all breathed a great sigh of relief.
I was very glad to hear that. I have made tarts many time and was very comfortable with it. Yes but of course we had to use Judge Lars Lian’s recipe.
In between we get a chance to discuss with Judge. Again Fridtjof wanted to make sure that I understood Lars Lian’s dialect and recipe :)
This recipe was very interesting and had different components like pastry dough, vanilla cream and almond cream (mandel krem). I have made pastry dough and vanilla cream many times. But almond cream was new to me.
I was feeling comfortable and was enjoying the whole process. Recipe was very easy to follow with easy steps. As I usually tend to do, I wanted to give my personal touch. This time I was thinking to use Passion Fruit but then realised that others were also using the same. I didn’t wanted to use alcohol as I was not sure about the combination. Then I decided to use my tested formula of mango and cardamom. In addition I planned to make some white chocolate decor on the tart.
Everything went as per plan. I finished my tarts with berries and white chocolate decoration. It was a beautiful presentation with black and blues berries and white chocolate. I was feeling very proud & confident and then suddenly……..

Silly Mistake……….

During the break someone told me that I should have made 6 tarts and I made only 5. I was too occupied and didn’t heard Fridtjof saying this during the program.I did baked 6 tarts but served only 5 because odd numbers looks better in presentation ;-(. I was so upset with myself because this could lead into my elimination. And then I would have regretted for such a silly mistake.

Tasting Time -

My heart was beating fast and didn’t knew what will happen. I didn’t knew what judges will say and what will be the consequence of my silly mistake. When they came to my station and said that I do not have to worry about the numbers of the tarts. My tarts looks delicious and numbers doesn’t matter. It was such a big relief………….. ( This was not shown in today’s episode, they have completely edited it may be due to time constraint )

They liked the taste but I think flavors were little complex for them. I survived the second day and moved on to the third day.

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