Memories "Kakekrigen" Semifinal - Day Four - Sugar N Spice

Friday, March 11, 2016

Memories "Kakekrigen" Semifinal - Day Four

Last Day in Kakekrigen…………..

Today, I was very tired. Now, I can tell that in one day we used to shoot for two episodes. The day used to start early in the morning at 06:30 and ends at 06:00 in the evening. It was  very tiring both physically and mentally. But still I had the energy and strength to fight for my position in Final.

It was much quieter in the dressing room and only three of us were left. We all were sitting quietly and were gathering all the strength to perform in the next round. After makeup and interview we were standing in the studio.

Today’s theme was to make Naken Cake or Naked cake . Do not get it wrong :). It means that cake should not be covered with cream. The cake bun has to be perfect there is no scope of hiding any mistake. Judges were looking for perfection :)

My Plan……..

I planned to make Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and Lemon curd. It was very important to balance the flavors. Lemon curd with cream cheese is a perfect filling for Red Velvet cake. I decided not to go for traditional cake ( simple cake with cream filling). It was about the final day in semi final and getting a place in Finale.

I wanted to make three small cakes instead of one or two big cakes. It would have reduced the baking time and cooling time. But unfortunately, I couldn’t get three equal size of baking molds in the studio. So, I had to go with two baking molds.

At first sight, I was not happy with the cake base but as I started working with it, I realised that the cake was quite moist and was flavorsome. I again regained my confidence and started decorating the cake. My cake was looking pretty and I knew the flavors were amazing. After finishing the cake I did felt that I definitely had a chance to get a place in Final.

Judgement Time-

I was very excited and same time was very nervous. They liked the presentation and different flavors in the cake. But as per them there were many flavors in the cake and was complex for them. As it was such a crucial task, so I decided to think out of box and wanted to create something unique and different. I do not regret of my decision, as I know my cake was amazing.

I am not at all disappointed of not getting a place in the Final. My performance was quite consistent and Judges always liked the flavors of my cake. I am very proud and satisfied with my performance. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and learned a lot during the whole process. I am really thankful for this great opportunity :-).