Memories "Kakekrigen" Semifinal - Day Three - Sugar N Spice

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Memories "Kakekrigen" Semifinal - Day Three

We all left from the hotel early in the morning, it was still dark outside. But after few hours, sun was shining and it was a beautiful bright morning. Generally, I like to dress up and loves jewellery. As it was such a beautiful morning, so I decided to wear some colors. The girls in the studio stuff at many occassion paid attention and praised my hairstyle and jewellery. It was flattering :)

Out of five, now four are left and today one more person will be eliminated. The competition is getting serious and everyone is trying to put forward their best.
Today’s theme was to make a cake inspired of Mediterranean flavours. I was particularly inspired by one recipe. And for very long time I was looking for the opportunity to make this cake, Rose Cake.This is one of my favourite cake. And it is a big hit among my Indian friends, they simply love it :)

My Plan………….

I was planning to make Rose cake with Saffron cream, caramelized pistachio and raspberries.. This cake is so beautiful both in looks and flavour that no one can resist it. Rose water, cardamom, pistachio, saffron is a heavenly combination. Rose water gives a very refreshing taste to the cake.
Fridtjof was surprised to hear about Rose water. He had never heard of use of Rose Water in a cake. Back in India, it is very common to use Rosewater and saffron in dessert. I was aiming to show judges the innovative side of me and this was the perfect time.
Challenge Ahead……….
The base of the cake was a chiffon cake, which is a very delicate cake. And the challenge with this cake was that I couldn’t cool it in the fridge, as it will shrink. I had to cool it down on room temperature. To tackle this situation, I choose to make small cakes in three different molds. It would reduce the baking time and will have longer time to cool it down.
I was so happy and enjoying the whole process. For the first time, I had enough time to look around and check other cakes. I was relaxed and everything was falling into place. Each and every component of my cake was perfect. As I have used Rose water in the cake, so I thought decorating with Roses will be a perfect presentation. There were some beautiful roses available in the studio which were perfect for my cake.
I was very excited to present my cake to the judges. When I presented my cake to the judges, I could see on the judge's face that they were mesmerized by the beauty of my cake.
Tasting Time -
When they cut the cake and took one slice out, I do not words to explain that feeling . Judges were very happy with the structure of the cake. They tried the saffron cream and liked the combination of pistachio. They could taste saffron, rose water and spices in the cake. I delivered as promised :)
Someone from the studio stuff commented that this cake is one of those cakes, which you want to put on your Instagram account as your own cake :)

I was more than sure that I would win Yellow Apron. But again, it slipped from my hand. This time I was not sure, why I didn’t win. Honestly, I was disappointed but same time I was very proud because I created such a beautiful and tasty cake :).

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