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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Welcome to Sugar N Spice!!

I am happy to share my experience in Kakekrigen through this blog. The inspiration behind this blog is the interest my family, friends and colleagues (even my husband’s colleagues) has shown in my venture. They are interested in knowing about my experience, the process and every now and then checks about the telecast date. Also my family in India and USA won’t be able to see the live telecast. 

So, I decided to write about my experience and share it through this blog.

I never imagined myself taking part in a competition on Television. It was my husband who signed me up for Kakekrigen. He thinks that I am a very good cook and baker :-). My older son Siddham is very proud of me and he proudly barges among his friends about Kakekrigen. My younger son Naman though he doesn’t understand much but knows that mommy will be on Television soon probably on Masterchef :-).

I am very excited and same time nervous about my presentation on TV. I am more worried about my Norwegian than baking. I hope I did the justice with the language:-).

I hope I will make my family and friends proud :-).

Do not forget to Tune in on TV FEM
 on Monday, 15.02 at 20:30.