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Monday, October 16, 2017

Tandoori Chicken Fajita on Sizzler with Mint Chutney

Tandoori Chicken Fajita on Sizzler with Mint Chutney


Chicken Boneless - 2 Kg (for vegetarian version substitute chicken with potatoes or Paneer or Tofu)
Paprika - 2 pieces
Mushroom - 15 pieces
Red Onion - 2 medium size
Oil for grilling chicken

Paprika Powder – 2 tbsp
Cumin Powder - 2 tbsp
Coriander Powder – 1 tbsp
Red Chili powder – 2 tsp (optional)
Garlic Minced – 3 cloves
Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp
Vegetable Oil – 3 tbsp

Whole Wheat Flour – 2 cups (optional can substitute with all purpose flour)
Corn Flour (Maismel) – ¾ cup
All Purpose Flour (Hvetmel) – 1 Cup
Spinach – 250 gram
Oil – 2.5 tbsp
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Salt – 2 tsp

Mint Chutney
Fresh Coriander Leaves – 1 cup
Mint Leaves – ½ cup
Raw Mango – 1 small size, peel and diced (you can substitute this with lime juice 1 tbsp)
Garlic – 1 clove
Ginger – ¼ inch piece
Green Chilly – 1 piece (optional)
Cumin Powder – 1 tsp
Salt – ¾ tsp

Mango Salsa
Mango – 1 big size
Red Onion – 1 big size
Tomato – 2 medium size
Salt – as per taste
Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp
Green Chilly – 2 pieces (optional)
Fresh Coriander

To serve: Cast Iron Sizzler plate


  • Marinade - Cut the chicken into stripes. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Combine chicken with marinade and set aside for 30 minutes (if possible overnight).

  • Tortilla Dough - Mix all the flours and salt together. Blanch the spinach and rinse it under cold water. Make the paste of spinach. Add it into flour along with oil and water. Form a dough and work with it for five minutes. Set aside for at least 15 minutes. 
    • Tips: When you press dough, it should feel soft not too hard and not too wet. If it feels wet add little dry flour and knead it again. If it feels hard add little water and knead it again.
  • Mint Chutney - In a grinder add all the ingredients and grind it to form a paste. Check if coriander and mint are balanced well and adjust the taste by adding more coriander or mint.
    • Tips: first grind garlic, ginger, green chilli and raw mango, if needed add little water then add rest of the ingredients and grind it. 
  • Mango Salsa: Peel and dice mango into small pieces, dice all other veggies into small pieces. Add salt, lemon, green chilli and fresh coriander.
  • Tortilla - Divide dough in portions into small balls. Roll tortilla dough in round shape and roll it thin. Cook it over medium heat on a preheated griddle (stekepanne) for 1 minute on each side or until you see some bubbles and brown golden spots. 
    • Tips: if possible use cast iron griddle to cook tortilla. After cooking cover tortilla with a kitchen towel and put it in a box.
  • Grilled Veggies: Cut all the vegetable lengthwise and add pepper, salt and oil. Grill it until translucent and bit charred. 
    • Tips: you can grill it on a pan or on an outdoor grill or in the oven. If you grill it on charcoal or gas grill, you get best result and taste.
  • Grilled Chicken: Preheat the griddle and grill the chicken with little oil on a pan for one minute each side (cooking time depends on the size of the chicken stripes). Serve it on a hot sizzler plate.
    • Tips: Charcoal or gas grill gives the best result.

Chicken Fajita on sizzler

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