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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mitt Kjøkken Ruler: Host of the Evening

Our Restaurant 
So, finally the day has arrived when all our preparations will be put on test. I was very nervous and anxious. By 9:00 am Crew members started arriving at my place. It felt like my house was flooded with big bags, cameras, equipment’s when crew members entered my house. They started rearranging my living room and half of my attention was on them and half on the preparation for the rest of the day. But luckily my husband came to my rescue and started helping the crew. At the end of the day, it felt like he was a part of the crew J. He had solution for every problem.

Setting up the studio in my house

Flood of equipments

Flood of  bags

Table is almost ready

Christina drying up camera

Light, camera .... and Action... 
First thing we did was to setup the table. Vaskar (Lopita’s husband) made the logo for our restaurant ‘’Etnisk Potpourri ’’and helped us with menu design. He is very talented and was very lucky to have him in our team.
Final touch by Vasker & Shirish

Bård was our director. It was always so easy and comforting to talk to him. He made so many things easier for us and always tried to calm down our nerves.  He explained the whole process to me and Lopita. As we already had visited two of our competitors prior to my house, so by now we were quite aware of the whole process. But still we were very nervous. It was our turn to cook and serve rather than to eat and judge ;). 
With Bård (Director) and Christina  
Our neighbors were very curious, as crew was taking the shoots of guest walking in and out of my house. There are always many takes and retakes until director is satisfied with the shoot. But there are no retakes while we are cooking. Once the clock begins there is no break or retakes. Even when we spilled the mint chutney on the floor then too clock was ticking and camera was rolling. For few seconds we couldn’t figure out if we should clean the kitchen or continue cooking. But then we decided to carry on with cooking. As mint chutney was the hero of the dish so, we had to make it again. In 10 minutes we made our next batch and was perfect :)
Ready for action
We had 3 hours of preparation time and we had to serve each course within 30 minutes. As the clock stopped after 3 hours, guests and judges were at our door step. We welcomed them and then the time begins for serving first course.
For first course we served Laks Paturi. This dish is from eastern region of India, where Lopita comes from. We kept the heat (chilly) level very low, so that they could taste fish, coconut and mustard. But the feedback from judges was disappointing, they wanted to taste more green chilly. We were not disheartened and were motivated to do our best in next dish.
First Course: Laks Paturi
For main course we served Tandoori Chicken Fajitas Sizzler.
Some backstage story: After the feedback from judges on our first course, we had to increase the heat in Fajitas. After adding red chilly in chicken, I had to grill it. The time I started grilling chicken on hot pan, suddenly fumes of red chilly gushed towards Bård (our director). He is always behind the camera. You do not see him and hear his voice. But he constantly asks us questions and talks to us. So, back to story Bård inhaled red chilly fumes and started coughing and sneezing furiously. It was so bad that he had to stay out of kitchen for almost 15 minutes. That was the time we knew that we have enough chilly in fajita J
Main Coure: Tandoori Chicken Fajita Sizzler

Main course feedback was great and we finished off with delicious dessert ‘’Mango Passion fruit Cheesecake with hint of Cardamom’’.
Dessert: Deconstructed Mango Passion Fruit Cheese Cake
Little Pipet filled with mango and passion fruit 
We were very happy with our total score and appreciated judge’s constructive feedback. Our score was highest and we were on first position. By that time it was confirmed that we were through to semifinals. This result was an affirmation to what we believe in.
Very Proud Moment

Ready for interview after the dinner
 What a day it was........tired after 16 hrs of shooting. But feeling super joyed after serving fabulous dinner. And this is what I eat as my dinner ........Pizza and biscuit :)
Behind the scenes 

Giving massage to Kato (Eye behind the camera)

Giving break to Kato


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