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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mitt Kjøkken Ruler Audition

Last autumn, I came across a new opportunity to explore new areas and expand my horizon that was ‘Mitt Kjøkken Ruler’. This was the perfect arena for me, where I could not only showcase my passion for baking or dessert but also for savory dishes. But there was a hurdle; in this show you can take part only if you have a partner. This is something I have never tried before and was very challenging for me. Usually when I am in kitchen, I like to be alone J.  As always, I like to push myself and challenge myself so, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go for it.

Now, the next daunting task was to look for a partner. I have many friends who are excellent cook but choosing one out of them was very difficult. Then one day, I discuss about MKR with Lopita. She is my friend, she lives in the same lane and we share the same passion.  We come from the same country but from different regions and very well complement each other’s skills. She also likes to experiment and create new dishes and have the same food philosophy ‘’Fusion Cooking’’. She was on board and was very excited about it. I was also feeling butterflies in my stomach and getting the flashbacks of Kakekrigen.
We had multiple rounds of auditions. In one of the rounds we were supposed to make some dish and they would judge us after testing the dish at our place.

Mango Passion Fruit Cheese Cake for Audition 
Appetizer for Audition

We managed to cross over the road and finally got a call from MKR .  And our journey began in MKR Season 2. We spent many evenings on discussing different dishes, working on our coordination in kitchen and experimenting in kitchen. 

Memories to cherish, few pictures of our preparation for MKR.

Spicy Salmon with couscous


On the Day of Audition 

Beetroot Mousse

Late night discussions

Tapioca Fritters

Handmade fettuccine with mussels

Quinoa Salmon

Lentil salad with beetroot & balsamic onions

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