Day One in Kakekrigen - Sugar N Spice

Monday, February 15, 2016

Day One in Kakekrigen

Today was the first day. I was sick to my stomach. I have never been in front of camera in my life. I was confident about my baking but the rest of the process was bit nerve breaking. Luckily I had my husband beside me, it was a big relief for me. And other than that the staff was very helping and caring.
We were picked up from hotel early in the morning around 6:30. There I met all the other participants. The fabulous 5, I couldn’t have asked for a better group.
I didn’t had much appetite for breakfast and we left with Frida for Studio. Frida was our logistic manager. She was very nice and showed us around the studio. It was fascinating to see the grand studio of Kakekrigen. And then we were asked to take our turns for makeup and getting dressed up. Beside our makeup room, I get a glance of one of the Judges Monica Csango. It was very exciting.
Then came Fridtjof like a breeze of fresh air. He was smiling and warmly introduced himself to all of us. All the lights in the studio were on and we were lined up for professional photo shot. I admit it was so difficult to smile with all the stress and anticipation. Microphone was attached to our aprons. By the way I was bit skeptical about the gray apron but it was not too bad.
The director was giving directions, Producer Tina was all smiling and making us comfortable with the process. Helga (kitchen manager) was arranging the kitchen, getting it ready for the shoot.
Then finally we rehearsed our entry.
We all were lined up and waiting for the call. One by one we were out and now it’s for real. We are standing facing the judges (Monica Csango and Knut Harald Sørdal) and Fridtjof. For this week they have a guest judge instead of Lars Lian. We were trying to cover the nervous feeling on our face with smile. The studio was full of people but there was pin drop silence in the room.
Fridtjof begins to speak, first he introduced the guest judge and then told us about the theme. Bursdag Kake (Birthday cake ) was the theme. We could choose to make cake for any age. I choose to make a Barbie cake for a 5 year old girl’s birthday. By the time I could collect my thoughts, Fridtjof announced ‘’your time starts now’’, we all ran frantically to our stations.
I planned to make Nutella Chocolate cake with Raspberries and Nutella cream filling. Kids like simple taste and same time very complex looking cakes. All kids like chocolate cake and Nutella…..yum :-)

The time I was on my station and started baking, all the cameras and nervous nerves vanished. I was in my comfort zone but still I could feel the pressure of time. When I bake at home same cake could take 4 to 5 hours but there we had to complete it in 90 minutes. In between Fridtjof checked on us about the whole process and type of cake we decided to make.

I was getting nervous when Judges came to snick a pick on what we were doing. I was explaining about the different flavors and spices I used in the cake.

It is one thing to bake at home then to bake in a competition. The time was flying by and my hands were shaking while giving the final touch to the cake. But somehow, I managed to finish the cake. It was the most intense 90 minutes, I have ever experienced in my life. I was happy that I finished on time and was also amazed to see all other cakes.

My cake was neither best (yellow apron) nor at the bottom (Tidsstraff). I was glad that judges liked the taste and look of the cake.

House Full for Kakekrigen Premier  -

All my dear friends and darling kids (my fans :-)) gathered at my place to cheer for me. It was wonderful to have them around to share this amazing experience with them. I wish my family would have been here with me but my friends filled that gap for me. Thanks to all of you………….

This is my way of showing my love with Homemade Treats……………..

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  1. Your homemade treats were absolutely awesome!! Thanks for the whole experience :-)