Day Two in Kakekrigen - Sugar N Spice

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day Two in Kakekrigen

Still having hangover of Day One :-)

But looking forward for another big day. We are getting ready for photo shot.

Day 2 Pic 1.jpg
Selfie Time !!
I was amazed by the talent around me, it’s a tough competition. Yesterday I survived and today again was nervous about the challenge ahead. Today is the overraskelse day (surprise day). We will be given a recipe from judge Knut Harald Sørdal. This is a difficult challenge for me, as I do not tend to follow the recipes, I always make some changes in the recipe.

We all were dying to know about the recipe. And during the break we were making guesses that we might have to make macarons, choux pastry, roulade cake etc. The time we entered in the studio, we started picking up the hints from the arrangements but it was difficult to figure out. It just felt like the moments before the exams during the school days :-)

I couldn’t have asked for a better group. We were holding hands and supporting each other in nervous moments. In each break, we were exchanging tips. Although we were there to compete but we were not competing against each other instead we were empowering each other.
What a wonderful Group!!

The process was just the same as Day One. Again we lined up and were waiting for Fridtjof to break the silence and put us out of our misery. Finally Fridtjof tolds us about the recipe, it was “Toscaterte”. I was relieved, as I have made tarts many times but was not sure about “Tosca”.

We get a chance to discuss with Knut Harald (Judge) about his recipe. At this stage, Fridtjof was concerned if I have understood everything. Later on he checked with me…….so sweet of him :-))


As Fridtjof announced to start to bake, the first thing we all did was to check the recipe. At first everything was blurry to me. But then quickly, I composed myself. It was  a very well structured recipe with simple steps to follow. Of Course, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking to give my personal touch to it.

And the good thing was, judges also expected from us to give personal twist to the recipe…...Perfect :-) My twist was to use Cardamom and Mango Pulp in the marzipan mixture. Marzipan paste is made of almonds.

Tart was too hot………...Action time.

I was very happy with the end result, everything went as per plan.




Day 2 Pic 2.jpg
Hanging out with Knut Harald...


  1. very well written, was wondering when did u write it,
    After coming bk from the shooting or after coming bk when all shooting was done??

  2. Thanks Gudiya, I am writing the blog after the telecast of my episode. In the evening :)

  3. I m surprised u remember each and every detail👍🏻